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Fitness Supplement Companies

This section is meant to educate you on some basic background information about the top fitness supplement companies.

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  1. Biotest: This is small Sports Nutrition Company from Colorado Springs. Charles Poliquin is the owner of Biotest. Charles is a world-renowned coach. He has worked with some of the most elite athletes from sports that included: bodybuilding, football, ice-skating, skiing, basketball, hockey, plus many more. He is also a personal fitness consultant for many world-famous celebrities, and royalty. He is very much renowned within the industry as an expert. He is often asked to share his expertise through lecturing and as a contributing writer to many of the industries leading publications. He has worked with national and Olympic sports organizations from all over the world. His seminars are hot tickets within the industry and are regularly sold out. Biotest is Charles extension into the supplement industry. He has brought the expertise and experience he has learned from years as the coach into Biotest. The result is a company that produces products that are well researched and designed, then manufactured to produce a product of the highest quality. Biotest’s product line may be small, but it is definitely of the highest quality.


  1. Cytodyne Technologies: This one is an All-Star in the sports nutrition industry. Their commitment to science, research, and innovation has made their products a favorite among customers. For example, Xenadrine RFA-1 is Cytodyne’s weight loss and energy supplement. It is the top-selling product of its kind in North America. Methoxy-Pro, which is their brand-new protein product, has become extremely popular in a very short time. So popular in fact, there was almost a brawl at a New Jersey retail store when people show up to buy Methoxy-Pro and there weren’t enough bottles available. I like Cytodyne because they continue to run testing and research on the products after they've brought them to market. This gives each of their products a large volume of evidence proving effectiveness. Xenadrine RFA-1 is apparently gaining support within medical circles, which is definitely a rarity for a supplement company. Cytodyne’s philosophy is to create original and innovative products instead offering products that already exist. All products manufactured with the highest quality nutrients available from the best manufacturers in the world. All products are developed with painstaking research and testing which is something that Northern Nutrition is a big fan of. This fact is very evident in the products quality, safety, performance and the large volume of positive customer response.


  1. Labrada Nutrition: this is a small sports nutrition company owned by Lee Labrada. Lee Labrada is a superstar in the bodybuilding community. He is one of the most successful bodybuilders of all time. A couple of years after his retirement from competitive bodybuilding, Lee started his own nutrition company. His company has built a strong reputation in the industry for producing products that are not flashy, but are of extremely high quality and effectiveness, while at the same time, tasting very good. Labrada Nutrition without a doubt has set new standards for taste. The products produced by this company are ideal for individuals who are seeking a simple, high quality, and effective product to fit their basic nutritional and performance needs.


  1. Maximum Human Performance: is a small supplement company from Cedar Grove, New Jersey. They research, design, and manufacture products mainly for the purpose of a physical performance, but some of them may also be used to improve health and longevity. They are a fairly innovative company considering their small size. Lately, MHP has produced some really innovative products. Secretagogue-One is a natural growth hormone booster made by MHP and is the top-selling product of its kind.


  1. Met-Rx: this company is a big player in the sports nutrition industry. Started by Dr. A. Scott Connelly in 1991, Met-Rx was the first supplement company to offer a meal replacement product. Within the past few years, Met-Rx has been reinventing and rejuvenating itself. They accomplish this by launching two new supplement lines, ADS: Anabolic Drive Series and Substrate Solutions. Met-Rx was so successful with this change, that Dr. Connelly recently sold Met-Rx to Rexall Sundown Inc. (one of the world’s largest supplement manufacturers) for a reported $108 million. It is still too early to tell what the new owners will do with Met-Rx, but all present indications are very positive.


  1. MuscleLink: John Balik, who is the publisher of Ironman Magazine, started this sports nutrition company. Ironman Magazine is one of the oldest (founded in 1936) and most respected magazines in the sports nutrition industry. MuscleLink was started by John to be an extension of the information presented in his magazine. Basically, practicing what he preached. Since than, MuscleLink has evolved into the most innovative companies out there. MuscleLink uses the latest and most innovative research to create top-quality products. Proof of their quality is evident in the products formula and use of top-quality ingredients. Each of the products is specifically designed to fit a specific need, and do so very effectively.


  1. MuscleTech: This is quite possibly the most famous and controversial Sports Nutrition Company in the industry. MuscleTech, which is located right here in Canada, produces products that are very high quality and innovative. MuscleTech fame and controversy comes from their very, very aggressive marketing strategy. It is not unusual for MusleTech to run page after page of advertisements in different publications at the same time. (Sometimes as high as 20 pages) Also, their ads really push the limits on advertising claims. But, despite all the controversy, MuscleTech continues to produce some of the most researched and highest quality products available. Consider them the Microsoft of sports supplements. Meaning, love them or hate them, you can’t argue their impact.


  1. MVP Labs: this is a small supplement company from Burlington, Ontario. They produce products for sports, weight loss, energy, and health. They have the unique distinction of offering simplicity, effectiveness, and high quality in their products all at the same time. Also, been a Canadian based company offers Canadian customers tremendous value due to the savings of not having to deal with companies outside of our borders.


  1. Next Proteins: This Company produces what many people consider the best protein product ever. Designer Protein was the first mass produced whey protein product on the market. The overwhelming popularity and use of Designer Protein can be tracked back to 2 factors: First, Next Proteins only has two main products in their product line, where are Designer Protein and Ultimate Orange. This allows the company to dedicate massive amounts of time, money, and effort into perfecting these two formulas. This very limited distraction, has allow this company to produce the highest quality products out there. Second, with a product line as focused as this one, Next Proteins can stay informed with all advancements that concern their respective products. With only two products, it is not hard to stay up-to-date of all developments surrounding them. Also, with all the research of the company been dedicated to the development of these two products, not only can they stay current with product research, they can also pioneer in their own product advancements, which they have done extremely successfully. This company has been so successful, that they have in the past and will continue in the future to set the standard for research, development, quality, and effectiveness.


  1. Prolab Nutrition: This is a small supplement company from Broomfield, CT. They produce products that help individuals improved sports performance and/or enhancement weight loss. They have built a strong reputation for manufacturing products with the highest quality ingredients using the best manufacturing processes. They also quite innovative when it comes to their major products. The big news lately surrounding Prolab is not the products, but rather the sale of the company to Natrol for what is believed to be $30 million. Natrol is a publicly traded company on the NASDAQ exchange (NTOL). Natrol is one of the largest producers of Natural Health Products in the world with annual sales in the vicinity of $500 million. It is still too early to tell whether or not the sale of Prolab to Natrol will have a positive effect.


  1. PVL Nutrients: this is definitely one of the best and under appreciated supplement companies on the market. This is one of the few companies that researches, develops, and manufactures its own products. You see, most supplement companies will design the product and then hire an outside contractor to manufacture it. Since PVL Nutrients manufactures its own products, they can insure that the product that is being manufactured is exactly the way it is supposed to be. PVL Nutrients manufactures herbal, health, and sports nutrition products, all of which have very well designed and effective. PVL Nutrients manufacturing facilities are top-of-the-line, which only serves to further improved quality. All their products are manufactured using ingredients of the highest quality. For example, PVL Nutrients has a partnership with SKW Trostberg AG of Germany. They are a manufacturer of different chemical and natural products. They make the best Creatine in the world and sell it under the trademark name CREAPURETM. When you see a CREAPURETM logo on a Creatine product, you know that you are getting the best Creatine in the world. Now, if that wasn't enough, PVL Nutrients is also very innovative. Over the past few months they have introduced some amazing products. Canadian customers should really be attracted their products that the following reasons:

First, They are a Canadian based company operating out of Vancouver;

Second, All the products are manufactured right here in Canada. This is a major advantage because any products like these that are manufactured in Canada have to meet stricter regulations than in the U.S. These regulations help insure the products are manufactured to the highest quality;

Third, Because their products are manufactured right here, Canadian customers receive tremendous value because they don't have to deal with all the extra charges and problems surrounding products that are not from Canada.

One last note on PVL Nutrients is that they are very professional and friendly. Qualities that in themselves, are very valuable.


  1. Scitec Nutrition: These guys manufacture some very high-quality sports nutrition products. Many North American customers believe that this is a new, upstart company from Florida. The truth is, although they are new in North American, they have been operating very successfully in Europe for many years. A unique feature about this company is that they designed the products around a purpose instead of ingredients. Meaning, products are designed by asking the question, “What is needed to accomplish this Goal?” Most companies designed products that are based on improving effectiveness of ingredients, not achieving a goal. Scitec’s products also happened to be very user-friendly and simple to use. Scitec’s products use the highest quality of ingredients. This is evident in their advertisements, which lists the names of their ingredient manufacturers. These manufacturers are the best at what they do. Since products are only as good as their ingredients, it's safe to assume that the best ingredients from the best manufacturers, equals really good products.


  1. Sportpharma: This is a small supplement company that manufactures sports nutrition products. Their main attraction to consumers is the honesty and quality of their products and the company itself. This trust from consumers has lead to Sportpharma continued success over the years. Recently, Sportpharma has also become innovative with a couple of new products, like Actisyn (a protein product that is designed to promote muscle growth).


  1. Twinlab: This Company is one of the big boys. Twinlab is a publicly traded company on the NASDAQ exchange. Annual revenue has grown over the past couple years to over $300 million. They manufacture and sell over 500 products. Major product lines include: Fuel line (consists of sports nutrition products), and Maxilife (consists of health and herbal products). They have been around for 25 years. All their products are high-quality and high value. Due to the largest size of Twinlab’s product line, they are able to offer multiple versions of a product. This way, a customer can choose a product that fits their specific needs. Very few companies are capable of doing this.


  1. VesPro Life Sciences: This Company is a good representative of a new trend in this industry, where small little-known companies are making some very amazing product advancements. VesPro produces health and sports nutrition products. Although their product line is very small, it is very well designed and of high quality. Companies such as this, tend to heavily rely on product research. They have more in common with a small pharmaceutical company than a supplement company.

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