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Health and Fitness Resources

This page shows you some of the different methods you can use to learn more about your body, this industry, supplements, and all other related topics that might be of interest to you.

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1. High-School Biology Book: You might think we are strange for recommending this book, but the fact of the matter is that a high school biology book is definitely one of the best sources of information to learn about your body, different types of nutrients, as well as several other sources of information that you may find helpful. The reason for such a strong recommendation is that this book was specifically designed to teach you the most basic information about all of the above-mentioned topics as well as a lot more. It is written in such a manner to make it easier to understand and not be confusing. The biggest advantage in our view is that this book will give you the basic knowledge required to understand all of the other information coming at you from all different aspects and sources within the industry.
Now, if you are saying to yourself that you were no good at biology in high school, therefore this is not a very good method for you to learn, we can tell you that it doesn't matter how well you did with this sort of stuff in high school. The reasons for this is: you are not been tested, you only have to learn what you want to know, it is completely self-paced, you can do it alone or with the help of other people. Basically, this method of learning offers a certain type of freedom that the other methods don't offer. Another unique advantage is that there are no advertisements or other types of clutter to distract or confuse you.
You can get a new high school biology book for about $40 or purchase a used one at most second hand bookstores, or if you are like us, you still have your high school biology book.

2. Magazines: These are definitely the most popular way for people to learn this type of information. For the most part, there are three distinctive reasons for this: magazines are available anywhere and everywhere, almost all magazines are tailored towards the specific type of person and that person's interests, and magazines are usually the best sources for the latest information. The only real disadvantage for magazines is that they contain a lot of clutter that can be distracting and confusing which will sort of work against your goal of learning more. Also, be sure that what you are reading in a magazine is real as opposed to an opinion or advertisement. This is something that you may have noticed lately in magazines. A popular trend among companies and advertisers is to disguise advertisements and self-serving information as articles within the magazine. Read carefully, and don't be confused.

3. Television: This is quite possibly the easiest way to learn this type of information. All that is required is that you watch and listen. It has the unique ability to compact a lot of information into a very short period of time. Also, it’s ability to communicate a message through both seeing and hearing certainly helps to get the information across. One unique aspect of television is that the advantages also happen to be disadvantages. What we mean is, it is hard to condense a lot of information into a very short period of time and delivering that information in such a quick manner may result in the information being lost. So be sure to choose your TV based information sources carefully.

4. Books: This is probably your best method for a complete source of information on any one topic. The advantage of books is that they’re very topic oriented. They are probably the best sources for obtaining vast amounts of information on any one topic. Basically, all the information you are looking for from one source. They also happened to be "pure" information, meaning that from start to finish it is free of clutter and distractions and only contains the information you require. Books also happen to be very accessible. Books can be obtained from friends, school, work, libraries, and obviously bookstores.
The disadvantages for this source are as follows: cost for books can be higher than any other sources of information, and identifying what will fit your information needs can be difficult.
When choosing a book it is important to remember a book is only as good as its author. Investigating the author is just as important as investigating the book itself. Be sure that the author is really an expert and not just some greedy wannabe, passing themselves off as experts. Quite possibly the easiest way to identify what the best books to read is to listen to what other people (magazines, newspapers, television, etc.) are saying and recommending. The more recommendations, the better.

5. Supplement Companies: The easiest way to obtain specific information about a product is to obtain that information from the company itself. The only thing you need to remember is that virtually all information from companies is designed to be self-serving. So remember that when you are obtaining company information, that it is a blend of what you're looking for and a message the company wants you to hear.

6. Doctors: Obviously doctors are excellent source for this type of information. What makes them unique is that you have a one-on-one interaction with another person. You can ask a question, and be given an answer right away. Also, doctors specialize in virtually every field that may be of interest to you. Therefore the only thing you need to determine is which type of doctor(s) can best answer your questions. Doctors however to offer some disadvantages. Doctors are still people, as a result, they differ in knowledge and opinions, so is important that you choose the right doctor that will fit your needs.

7. Internet: This is without a doubt your largest source of information. You are virtually guaranteed to find information on any topic you can possibly conceive. The only thing that is required is that you know what you are looking for and have the means of the obtaining it (Internet access). The only disadvantage to the Internet is that it requires time (seeking information), and patience.

8. Northern Nutrition Customer Support: Northern Nutrition goal is to help us many customers as possible. Helping those customers goes beyond just selling them a product. Northern Nutrition wants to help that customer as much as possible about understanding the product, the use of that product, and conditions required to obtain maximum results. Northern Nutrition provides this support by consistently updating the website’s educational and product information, through regular publications, and communication with the customers themselves through the phone, mail, email, and Internet. Customers in today's marketplace demand up-to-date and accurate information. Northern Nutrition makes every effort to provide that service to our customers.

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